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Did You Know That Algae In The Oceans Often Steal Their Genes From Bacteria?


According to a study co-authored by Rutgers, algae found in the oceans often steal genes from bacteria to gain useful properties, such as being able to tolerate stressful environments or break down carbohydrates for food.

A study of 23 Brown and golden brown algae species, published in the journal Science Advances, shows for the first time that gene acquisition had a significant impact on the evolution of a large and ancient group of algae and protists (mostly single-celled organisms, including protozoa) that helped form the basis of ocean food webs.

These photosynthetic species produce about 70 percent of the oxygen we breathe, and some, such as diatoms, are responsible for about 45 percent of global primary organic matter production.


Well as algae, including species of the group called diaphragms and a large crash, as well as the members of the group that contains the malaria parasite (alveolat) and another group that contains the combustion pathogen of potato (oomycetes) creates, produces and consumes large volumes Rutgers University-New Brunswick environmental and biological sciences faculty, a distinguished professor in the Department of Biochemistry and microbiology Debashish Bhattacharya, “writes. “There are hundreds of thousands of CRASH species and they have been successful on Earth for over a billion years.”

Led by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences, the scientists created a large genomic data set consisting of more than 524,000 protein sequences from 23 CRASH species and used advanced methods to analyze the data.

The results showed that gene stealing or acquisition (also known as horizontal gene transfer) differed significantly between different types of CRASH, with 0.16 percent to 1.44 percent of their genes (average 1 percent) coming from bacteria.


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