The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake is in Australia. Pink lake is located in south Australia. The lake of Australia is so famous because the colour of the lake is pink. Most people want to go to this here for looking that lake. For example: It is me. I want to go to Pink Lake in Australia. A lot of people visit here every year. 5 million people visited here last year. 3 billion people have visited here until today. This is a record.

Well, why do many people visit here? What is feature of this lake? Why is the lake pink? Most people visit it because they are curious and they want to look it. Colour of the water changes as a result of a type of bacteria. This type of bacteria is a very special type because the bacteria can survive in a very salty environment. The lake is so salty because there is a sea next to the lake.

Another feature, the lake is located in a very large area. The Pink Lake is the largest lake in Australia but the lake is not the largest lake in the Earth. There is a village near the lake. Tourists where comes here stay in the village. There are a lot of hotels and motels in the village so the village’s name is Touristvil. I think, Everyone should visit here.