Why Does Everyone L.ke Me ? Syndrome

“Erotomania,” known among our society as “Eros disease, “ is known as unrequited platonic
and obsessive love. Erotomania is a rare form of paranoid delusion. The individual who
suffers from this syndrome believes that the person opposite him is in love with her, and this
is a psychological disorder. People like that, why does everyone always like me ? he begins to
ask, in his head. This is one of the biggest symptoms of the syndrome. Although rare, this
syndrome affects women more often than men. It is known that the proportion of women
who have received less love for their father is more. Erotomanic people think that not only
do people love him, but also that plants love him, or even animals love him, which is a
progressive version. Going further, he begins to think that Allah is in love with him, as if he
were communicating with him.

It is examined in three types of stages. In the first place, he gets hopeful, and the second that
someone is doing him a favor, he hopes, and he starts thinking that he likes me. And in the
second phase, when he doesn’t get what he wants, don’t be angry, don’t trip, don’t be alone.
Third, hatred, erotomanic people begin to interfere in the lives of their loved ones or lovers,
which is the most dangerous stage. This phase continues until the erotomanic person finds a
new one.

Nowadays, often erotomanic people buy intense follower-like comments via social media
and self, everyone loves me. it makes you believe and slowly shows the symptoms of the
disease. In fact, various universities are even giving their students homework about these
erotomanic people to identify those who behave in this way on social media.
Erotomania can start suddenly, even at an early age, and it can take a long time for
symptoms to appear. Erotomania is sometimes called de Clerambault syndrome, after a
French psychiatrist who described it as a separate disorder in 1921. Erotomania is often
associated with other psychiatric disorders, but can also occur on its own.


Erotomania can also be a symptom of a psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia , schizo-affective disorder,
major depressive disorder with psychotic features, bipolar disorder, or Alzheimer’s disease.
Treatment should be tailored to the needs of each affected person. Priorities should focus
on maintaining social function, minimizing the risk of problematic behaviour and improving
the quality of life of the affected person. A good psychologist can also be helpful in providing
social skills training and dealing with any problems caused by erotomania.
Sungu Erdem
Translated by Başak Arya Gençler

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